Legal Agreement Tracker

Cancellation/verification days: This column should be used to define a certain number of days before the contract expires in order to verify the agreement. The conditions for automatic renewal and cancellation must be taken into account when setting up The Notify Days to Cancel/Review. Provides complete supervision and awareness of your legal expenses. You can control costs, predict them and reduce them responsibly. Most business relationships start with a contract that determines how business is done. It could be a formal contract, like that of a team of lawyers, or an informal contract, such as an agreement between a client and an e-trader. Contracts define how revenues are generated and how different parties use the individual if the expected results do not materialize. But even though contracts are so important, it`s always amazing how many companies manage their contract processes with a clumsy combination of emails and printed documents. Files can all have different document formats or even be stored in multiple storage locations, many of which are known only by those directly involved in the business relationship. How can you better manage your legal department? With Legal Tracker Counterparty Street Address: Street Address of the counterparty. It is recommended to use the address of the contract lawyer. With an intuitive online interface, Legal Tracker, formerly Serengeti, is the leading online software solution, offering a new way of working for legal services, setting new standards and good business practices for effective management of internal legal work, and working primarily with external consultants.

Legal Tracker is the world`s leading legal management, electronic accounting and legal analysis system for in-house lawyers. It gives managers a clear overview of the workload, cases and costs that occur across the team, regardless of their size. Renewal Descriptions: If the contract is applicable, this section may follow notes and comments related to the renewal of the contract. For example, your organization can enter into a sales contract with 10 annual renewals. Each year, the contract is renewed, a form must be filled out, as well as other benefits. Describe the requirements/expectations in the Renewal Instructions field. Confidentiality: information kept between parties in secret or in private. If you`re negotiating a deal. B for example, a counterparty may ask for certain security guidelines that your organization is following. It may not be something you usually share, so you can get him to sign an NDA. You can follow that you have signed an NDA indicating that your company`s security policies are not shared here. Leave this field empty if your standard privacy clause is used.

If the contract uses a non-standard clause, copy it here and paste it. Legal Tracker has been used successfully and is used by more than 1,300 law firms and 56,000 law firms worldwide. Contract title/name: A short title for the contract used for a quick and simple reference. For example, if your organization has a new master service agreement, it can call it “counterparty – type of agreement – date.”